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Virtual airlines Challenge Aero is a special subdivision of Virtual Airlines of Ukraine and emulates in VATSIM and IVAO environment charter and general aviation flights on different types of craft and copters. There is no any regular schedule in Challenge. Pilots, having proper permissions, may fly any available aircraft from any airport to any destination. No booking is required, but available.

We fly online only!

Required Software to fly with Challenge Aero:

  • Microsoft FS9 or FSX, Prepar3D or X-Plane
  • Registered version of FSUIPC (XPUIPC for X-Plane)
  • VATSIM network client (FSInn, vPilot or SquawkBox) or IVAO client (IvAp)
  • Flight Data Recorder Soyuz FDR

The basic source of data for system is VATSIM and IVAO network clients. The client utility (Soyuz FDR) is designed to transmit to the server detailed information about the flight.

The system simplifies a preflight preparation by providing the following services to the pilot:

  • Flight route calculation according to latest AIRAC
  • Fuel calculation for each flight for major aircraft types
  • Automatic booking of flight into VATSIM
  • Actual weather information (METAR, TAF) for departure and destination airports

Upon completion of flight, the pilot get detailed information about the flight on Google Maps.

By default, the site uses the following units: feet, pounds, nautical miles, knots.
All times are in UTC.


When flying an airplane of Challenge Aero pilot shall use aircraft tail number as a call sing - without hyphen (for example, URVAB, URELY). Also you could use your personal callsign of Challenge (for example, CLO188). However in that case you should put aircraft tail number without hyphen in Remarks field of a Flight Plan using standard tag REG/URELY.

Using of any other type of callsign is not recommended.


A pilot of Challenge Aero could fly any available aircraft by any route without booking (despite booking is available). To do this the pilot has to use aircraft tail number as a callsign or put the tail number to Remarks field using standard tag REG/URELY.

The booking could be performed on the website. A pilot selects an available aircraft, choose departure and destination, specifies some flight parameters and confirms the booking. The flight is registered to EUROBOOK and Flight Plan could be registered to VATSIM.

To be able to register Flight Plan in VATSIM it is necessary to allow pop-up windows
for site in Internet Explorer

Rank of Private Pilot allows to fly light craft only. To get permissions to fly other types, the pilot has to obtain the rank of Commercial Pilot or Captain. To apply for higher rank and clearances the pilot could contact management via forum or Contact Us form.

The pilot could book the flight in 24 hours prior to departure. But VATSIM keeps Flight Plan two hours only and, because of this, Flight Plan could be registered in 2 hours prior to departure. The airplane and the flight stay booked during 30 minutes after planned departure. But if the flight is not started by this moment, the booking is canceled.

IVAO pilots file the Flight Plan in IvAp client.

To perform the flight it is necessary to start Flight Simulator and Soyuz FDR, login to VATSIM (via FSInn, vPilot or SqawkBox) or to IVAO (via IvAp) with proper callsign, check the Flight Plan (if it was registered in VATSIM) or create a new one. VATSIM renews its statistic every two minutes (IVAO every five minutes), so it could take a couple of minutes to confirm the flight in the system. It is recommended to make sure that the flight is accepted by the system before engine start, but it is possible by take-off.

If during the flight Internet connection is lost (or Soyuz FDR is off) for longer of 25-30 minutes, the flight is cancelled.

The flight is considered as completed, if the pilot entered the system before take-off, was airborne, covered 5 nm or more, and landed. The flight is finished when engines stopped after landing and speed reduced below 20 knots.

Only online VATSIM or IVAO flights are registered.

It is prohibited to change time rate during the flight. In this case the flight is ignored and will not be included to statistic.

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